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Lake Constance District

The Lake Constance district (214,655 inhabitants, 18 municipalities and 5 cities) is rural, with fruit and vegetable growing as well as tourism being of central economic importance. Its location on the northern shore of Lake Constance in Baden-Württemberg and in the four-country region makes it a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, industry and manufacturing, such as mechanical and vehicle engineering, electrical engineering or aerospace technology can be found.

In the densely populated areas, adaptation to the consequences of climate change is already being actively discussed: the city of Friedrichshafen has had a climate adaptation concept drawn up in 2019. Furthermore, climatic changes such as flooding, drought and their effects on agriculture and forestry play a major role in the Lake Constance region. The LoKlim project was presented at an event in March at the Friedrichshafen district office.

Targets and measures in the area of climate protection were presented in July 2015 by the energy and climate protection concept. In addition, an energy and climate protection manager has been working at the district office since 2017.

Link: https://www.bodenseekreis.de/umwelt-landnutzung/klimaschutz-klimawandel/