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Böblingen District

The district of Böblingen (389,548 inhabitants, 17 municipalities and 9 cities) combines both cities and rural communities. Its proximity to Stuttgart makes it an attractive industrial and business location that is also known beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg.

The district is currently participating in a cooperation project with the Verband Region Stuttgart on “Climate Change Adaptation in the Böblingen District (KlimABB)”. As part of the project, maps are being developed for the cities and communities in the district on how they will be affected by climate change, primarily looking at the parameters “heat” and “water”. This preliminary work is used in the LoKlim project as a basis for the implementation of the process paths. At the same time, it is possible to compare the climate typifications with locally produced climate impact analyses. In addition to the district, the city of Böblingen is also participating in the project as a pilot partner.

In 2013, the district of Böblingen published a climate protection concept, which represents the strategic basis for climate protection measures.

Link: https://www.lrabb.de/start/Service+_+Verwaltung/Klimaschutzkonzept.html